Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Programs

Schedule of Certified Nursing Assistant Programs:

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Certified Nursing Assistant Program
After spending 40 hours gaining knowledge and hands-on skills in the classroom students experience the practice of full care of patients in an excellent long term care facility located just minutes from our office. There students gain the confidence and competence to enter the healthcare field in which ever direction they choose.

Admission Requirements
An applicant must be 16 years of age and must speak English. An enrollment application, a personal interview and a physical examination with a Tuberculosis test must be completed prior to admission.

Refund Policy
If student cancels prior to the start of their program all monies paid (except the non-refundable registration fee) will be refunded within two weeks. If student cancels, withdraws or is dismissed after class begins, no refund will be due. Students who wish to withdraw from the program should do so in writing. Eligible refunds are based on the last date of verifiable attendance. If you cancel within 3 days of signing this agreement, all monies paid will be refunded.

Students will be dismissed on the following grounds:

  • Unsatisfactory academic progress (an average below 75%)
  • Failure to maintain standards of attendance
  • Non conformity to our rules and policies regarding the use and possession of alcohol or controlled drugs
  • Intentional disruption of school activities
  • Deliberate dishonesty
  • Violation of the law

Student Services
Med-Care Training will provide student services such as scheduling, training, monitoring academic progress and arranging for state certification test. Upon completion of program, students will receive a list of prospective employers.

Course Description

101 Orientation
Learning about the nurse aide’s role on the health care team. Introduction to health care facilities and their clients.

102 Relating to Clients
Understanding clients’ basic needs. Building relationships. Using good communication skills. Communicating with the sensory impaired.

103 Infection Control
Learning precautions. Controlling Hepatitis B virus. Preventing AIDS and other infections. Washing of hands. Using protective barriers.

104 Body Mechanics
Correct techniques for lifting and transporting clients. Learning how to position, move and transfer clients.

105 Vital Signs
Learning to take accurate measurements of temperature, pulse, respiration and blood pressure. Learning their normal values.

106 Basic Patient Care
Observing, reporting and charting. Promoting independence. Bed making. Personal hygiene. Serving food. Weighing and measuring. Range of motion. Giving a back rub.

107 Elimination
Using bed pans. Documenting fluid intake and output. Treating bowel and bladder problems.

108 Safety and Emergency Procedures
Preventing accidents. Responding to emergencies. Fire safety. Using protective devices.

109 Specific Disorders
Understanding and caring for clients with: Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, seizure, confusion, stroke and aging. Dealing with death and dying.

110 Assistive Devices
Learning proper care of clients with: hearing aids, vision aids, canes, walkers, crutches and prosthesis.

111 Terminology and Abbreviations
Learning frequently used medical terminology and abbreviations.

112 Clinical Laboratory
Laboratory time allows for demonstrations of techniques and actual hands on care of clients in a nursing home under the supervision of a clinical instructor.

113 Review and State Test


Total Classroom Hours = 40 Clock Hours

Total Clinical Hours = 60 Clock Hours

Total Course Time = 100 Clock Hours + 5 Hour Review

Grading Policy
A = 90%-100% excellent
B = 80%-89% very good
C = 75%-79% good
F = 74% or below failing

Student Requirements
For the Certified Nurse’s Aide (CNA) program, students must have:

  • Uniform consisting of white shirt, pants, skirt or dress
  • White stockings and shoes
  • Wrist watch with second hand
  • Pen and pencils
  • Physical form (including TB) which must be completely filled out and signed by a medical doctor.

Graduation Requirements
Certificate of completion will be issued upon successful completion (75%) of both classroom and clinical components of the program described and all financial obligations met. The student will then have the opportunity to take the Nurse Aide State Exam.

At the discretion of the Director, students who achieve below 75% level will have the opportunity to have 5 hours of remedial assistance. Students must have 75% to graduate.

Registration Fee: $225.00
Tuition: $795.00
Total Program Cost: $1020.00

Schedule of Certified Nursing Assistant Program:

Day Program – ,
Evening Program–
Saturday Program –

The Certified Nurses Assistant State Exam is scheduled to be held on: TBD

We currently have the following State Exam review classes scheduled: TBD